Investing in Tenerife

Owning a property in Tenerife has proven to be for many a sound investment, the price of property and land has proven to be the best investment over the medium and long term.

inversion en tenerife

Although forming part of the Sovereignty of Spain, Tenerife has it’s own stable government and an expanding economy. Spain is a member of the E.E.C. This makes it very attractive to foreign investors.

investire a tenerife

Couple this with Tenerife’s all year round sunshine providing a twelve-month holiday season and the stability of the economy you have the perfect combination for investment in an overseas property. Tenerife continues to be more attractive to property purchasers than ever before.

reformas tenerife

Tourism to Tenerife has continued to increase at a rapid rate each year, resulting in an increased demand for ‘holiday homes’ and holiday rental accommodation.  This provides the investor with the maximum potential capital growth and potentially 52 weeks of income from the holiday rental sector, particularly in the warmer shores of the south of the island where the majority of all tourists choose to stay.

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