Swimming pool cover en Tenerife high quality Made in Italy

Price : € 39,00

  Swimming pool cover en Tenerife high quality Made in Italy 225 gr/mq

PRICE : 39,00 EURO x MQ

Anti-tearing, Anti-Mold, Anti-UV, Double Finish
Edging, Perimeter Hole & Storage Bag

Made in Italy – TOP QUALITY

Swimming pool covers are an indispensable element for owners of such structures as they not only keep the water temperature constant, preventing evaporation but preventing the contamination of the tank by external agents. The Skin Max winter cover has a weight of 225 gr / sqm, is of the highest quality, ultra-resistant, airtight, tearproof and anti-tear, ideal to repair the pool from leaves, debris and frost, in this way you avoid serious problems both the structure and both to the pipes; in addition, the Skin Max cover is made from a super-stabilized UV-ray fabric. Skin Max is a heat-sealed cover, in high-density polyethylene fabric and technical polymers coated in low-intensity PE.

The cover is equipped with fixed anti-snatch trebbing PE bushings every 1.5 meters for anchoring the tubulars.

The finish is double edged in polyethylene and double stitched.

The double edging and double stitching allow a considerable lengthening of the average life of the coverage.

The perimeter tubes are made of PVC leaf with a thickness of 0.6 mm in color
green, and have a diameter of 300 mm plate with click valve.
The standard length of a tubular is 2 meters

The winter cover for the Skin Max pool with perimeter tubes is colored
green on the outside, instead the part in contact with water is black,
the latter material is treated with special anti-mold additives.

Skin Max is very resistant to thermal changes, in fact it can resist one
temperature that can vary from – 40 ° to + 80 ° C
Skin Max is delivered together with a practical polyethylene bag.
All raw materials used are of European origin

The Skin Max cover is also equipped with double stitching and 4 metal rings
located in the 4 corners for an even more solid anchorage.

SUPPORT After Sales

All our products are covered by a conventional manufacturer’s warranty
duration of 2 years from the date of purchase.

The Skin Max cover is certified ISO 13937- 2:2000 & ISO13934 -1:1999



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